Clams Casino – Witness/Blast ft. Lil B

Clams Casino aka my favorite producer drops two new singles “Witness” featuring Lil B and “Blast” which has the classic Clams production with some trippy visuals. Both tracks will live on Clams Casino’s new album “32 Levels”(a Lil B lyric reference). Can’t wait for this album… #Based #32Levels

Dumbfoundead – Safe (Video)

Super dope video “Safe” by Dumbfoundead about whitewashing of hollywood roles with his own spin on it. The Jay Ahn directed video(it’s important to note that the entire production staff hired are all of Asian descent) replaces the roles of prominent white actors in iconic films.

“After the last Academy Awards and the regular whitewashing of hollywood roles, i wrote this song and made this video to add my piece to the conversation. If you have any experiences or stories about this issue join the discussion at ~Dumbfoundead

Purchase: Dumbfoundead – Safe

LEFTFIELD (Reason & DOC LVLY) – Support Real Pizza

The father of the local Track Meet, Pittsburgh Emcee Reason and his partner and crime DOC LVLY show us some of the ‘Realest’ pizza spots in the city. This is the first single and video from their upcoming LEFTFIELD EP on Surface Level Records.

PK Delay – Pretty P Is Fake (Music Video)

Fresh new visuals for PK Delay’s jam “Pretty P is Fake”. Shot/Edited by BlkxWytMedia. He’s honestly one of my favorite artist’s in the burgh right now. Truly developing his own sound to set himself apart from his partner in rhyme “Chill God” Joel Kellem. Expect big things from PK.